About Us

 Rare Accents Salon was established  in October of 1987. We have been in the same location since the begining. You will find many of our staff have been here for a long time. 

Rare Accents uses a Level System for our designers. This gives you our guest, several options and gives our service providers a career path for growth and achievements. 

Are either graduates of Cosmetology School or experienced stylists who have agreed to be an associate with one of our Level 4 or 4A Directors for a period of one year. All associates are licensed cosmetologists. They receive advanced training in haircutting techniques, haircolor, communication, chemistry, teamwork and business skills. 

Level 1
Level ones have now graduated from the Associates program and now have earned "their chair". They are now serving guests and are very excited about building their business. They continue their education with monthly classes or workshops on cutting, haircolor, product knowledge or finishing.

Level 2 
Levels two's are now shaping their business and have completed their goals the Summit has set for them in Level one. They now have new goals to achieve. Continuing education is still a priority. Maintaining their guests and building new relationships is also of great importance.

Level 3
Level three's are now serving about 100 guests per month.  They are enjoying their career while still maintaining a higher level of education.

Level 4
Level 4's are masters in their field. They now begin to teach, support and lead by example. Offering hands on training to our new Associate's. They continue to learn the newest in trends and technique's.

Level 4A
Level 4A is our highest level. Having accomplished all previous goals, Associate through Level 4, they now have achieved Master Stylist.  Although, they have achieved Master Stylist status continuing education is still very important.

Each level of stylist is very well trained. Everyone has a special talent and we enjoy sharing and supporting each other as a team. We look forward to meeting you and making your experience here at Rare Accents a memorable one.

Our level 4 and 4A's sometimes work with an Associate. They may apply color or blow dry your hair. If you are not comfortable working with a team please make sure you choose levels 1-3. We want your experience to be everything you expect it to be.